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Victor Hypernano X90 Badminton Racquet 3u 4u
Victor Hypernano 90 Badminton Racquet
Our Price: $95.00

Victor Hypernano X90 badminton racquet is one of the latest racquet designed for the control player. The combination of stiff shaft and head-heavy design gives player ultimate pinpoint control and smashing power.

With upgraded shaft materials and Elastic Modulus Fiber (EM Fiber) used on the frame, HX-90 levels up the controllability and is of great value.
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Hypernano X500
Victor Hypernano 500 Power Badminton Racquet
List Price: $160.00
Our Price: $160.00

Hypernano X500 Power is the power version of the pair. The slight head-heaviness and medium-stiff shaft give the racquet precise controllability and powerful attacks. more info
Hypernano X500C
Victor Hypernano 500 Control Badminton Racquet
List Price: $160.00
Our Price: $160.00

Hypernano X500 Control is the control version of the pair. Slightly less stiff than its counterpart, the HX-500C gives the player precise controllability and speedy swings. more info
Victor Hypernano 600 Badminton Racquet
List Price: $175.00
Our Price: $175.00

The medium-stiff shaft and the stability of the Aero-Diamond frame provides the Hypernano 600 with superb control and repulsion power. A great all-around racquet for player of all types. more info
Hypernano Air
Victor Hypernano Air Badminton Racquet
List Price: $185.00
Our Price: $185.00

Enables speedy swing and easy counter-attacking with sturdy and stable handling, providing an unprecedented controllability and feedback. The brand new design efficiently allocates overall racket weight and significantly improves the stiffness and durability. more info
Victor Hypernano 900X
Our Price: $190.00



With an optimized grommet design following a set of strict scientific procedures, players can feel about 10% more ”connected” with the racket head, as described by VICTOR Lab testers, as well as a larger sweet zone, which provides increased control and great feedback from the stringbed.


The PYROFIL carbon-fiber composites, a Japanese-invented material, boasts superb shock-absorption which, when used in the racket shaft, creates lightweight swings and a comfortable stiffness. Together with VICTOR’s ANTI-TORSION SYSTEM, it saw a 22% improvement in anti-torque, offering a more solid and stabilized hitting feel.


VICTOR Labs trialed countless combinations of materials for the racket frame and ultimately achieved the perfect balance with the NANO FORTIFY TR as the leading content. The HX-900X features a surprising amount of resilience, 17.5% better than its preceding model, which helps athletes to retain more power in the backswing and altogether generate more pace and weight when they launch the shots.

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Hypernano 800
Victor Hypernano 800 Badminton Racquet
List Price: $198.00
Our Price: $198.00

Engineered with Ultra Carbon Nano Fiber, the Aero-Diamond frame provides excellent resilience and anti-torsion performance. The lightweight yet stable racquet is perfect for players who are looking for exceptional precision. more info
Hypernano 800 LTD Power
Victor Hypernano 800 LTD Power Badminton Racquet
List Price: $210.00
Our Price: $210.00

HX-800LTD-P equipped with AERO-DIAMOND and Ultra Carbon Nano Fiber. Through the reallocation of weight balance, the head is further weighted and the anti-torque performance of the shaft is largely improved.  With better controllability, HX-800LTD-P could advance the accuracy of every powerful hit. more info
Hypernano 800 LTD Control
Victor Hypernano 800 LTD Control Badminton Racquet
List Price: $210.00
Our Price: $210.00

HX-800LTD-C engineered with AERO-DIAMOND and Ultra Carbon Nano Fiber . The frame shape provides great accuracy and stability. The reallocation of weight balance further improves the anti-torque performance of the shaft, making every swing and counter-attacking easier and faster. HX-800LTD-C can efficiently improve overall speed with stable attacks. more info
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